Thrive with Shana
10 Day Jumpstart Program

10 Days of simple takeaways to jumpstart your wellness now

As a busy mom to 2 littles, I quickly found that I was struggling with a few things. I was constantly tired, I didn't know where to start on my healing journey much less how to set my kids up for success by supporting their systems. I was defeated and quite frankly hated my body. I was NEVER in a picture and wanted desperately to change that, mostly so I didn't teach my children how to hate their bodies as well. So I set our to learn every single thing I could.

I became an Integrative Health Practitioner
Board Certified Holistic Health Coach
Lost over 40lbs and have kept it off for 4+ years

Through the 10 day Jumpstart method,  I teach the basics in Mindset, Hydration, Movement, Nutrition, and Sleep.  With SOOO many fun bonuses. I can't wait to get started!

I can relate!  I was in your shoes 4 years ago.

Hey Superwoman!  Are you ready to get started but feeling overwhelmed?

Feel empowered to take the resources you have learned and continue with them.  Create habits and routines that work into your life and elevate your wellness.

Simplify in order to Sustain Long term Wellness

No longer feel like time is flying by and you are missing everything that is important.  Connect with what is important and learn how to reframe your mindset.

discover how to feel grateful & Present

You are no longer overwhelmed with where to start, what to do and how to implement your wellness plan.  You are confident and empowered.

feel confident in your Wellness habits

Imagine waking up with energy?  Or even waking refreshed before your alarm?  Excited and grateful for what the day has in store...

wake up refreshed not discouraged

Imagine what it could be like...

"I actually look forward to each morning to read and watch the morning quote and video.  To honestly say I have not had an energy drink in almost the entire month is amazing and I don't miss it!  I love the support and feedback from the entire group and coach."

this is for you if you are ready to...

I'm shana and I'm here to help you make Simple changes with BIG impact.

Spend the next 10 days  pouring into yourself and your wellness.
Create habits that you can start now and do for the rest of your life.  SUSTINABLE!

You do not love overcomplication.  You actually loathe it.  You want simple, quick and easy changes with big imapct.

You don't like programs where you have tons of worksheets, and homework.  You like the details and action steps. 

Introducing the 10 Day Jumpstart

What's Included

-10 Days in the app
-Short Overview videos for each Pillar
-Daily Morning Quotes
-Community to share in and encourage
-Slow Cooker Ebook
-Healthy Snack Ebook
-5 Day Planner with takeaway areas.
-Links to supporting products
-Bonus Videos on Anxiety Busters
-Bonus Links to Breathwork and Tapping
-Monthly Giveaways for all members that purchase.
-Ability to track steps, nutrition, water, etc all within the app.

Mindset, Hydration, Nutrition, Movement, Sleep


This is THE PILLAR that most people skip and it's vital in your journey.  Let's simplify.  We know what to stray away from (certain oils, processed foods, sugars, etc) However I take an additive approach.  Let's add in what we need.  We need to make sure we are actually fueling our system with the nutrients it needs to thrive. 
Here are the topics we will cover:
Proteins, Fats, Water, Minerals, Fasting, Smoothies, Eating out, Travel, order of Eating & Plating.

Pillar #2 Nutrition

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Detox pathways are essential.  We will talk about ways to support your detox journey on a daily basis.  What to look for and how to support your body getting rid of the toxins it does not need.  

Pillar #3 Detox

in with the good and out with the bad

Unpopular opinion.  Exercise can add stress.  Yes!  This program is not an exercise program.  I will focus on movement, and supporting your system.  Meet you where you are at and build from there.  We talk about movement that supports and builds your system on your wellness path.

Pillar #4 Movement & Stress

Destress and Move

This is the same journal I use every single day.  I consider this my daily "bookends"  We start and end our day in Gratitude.  When you enroll, you will be shipped this journal to start using.
(colors may vary) 


what I use every morning and Every night

"I have enjoyed this experience very much!  The use of the app is easy to maneuver and understand, as well as feeling no shame within sharing or asking questions about your journey.  Shana makes it personable when you get messages from her about any questions or if you're struggling with anything when it comes to making new and healthy habits.  All of the resources are great and have me making changes in a short amount of time.  I have loved this journey, and can't wait for more!"

  • 10 days within the app
  • 5 Pillars covered
  • Resource Library to help you thrive
  • App based program (requires NO social media)
  • Ebooks full of easy recipes 
  • Daily Quotes
  • Small group setting for support


One Time Investment

Ready to join?

thank you!

ready to make a change?

you aren't alone, and the lifestyle you are looking for is out there.